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Intalling Logic from external HDD


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+1 Which is indeed what i had to do too... I simply made Disk Images of each of the DVDs onto an external HD and then installed from that HD... to my internal HD.


I found that it actually took less time to make the images onto an external HD and install from them than it usually does installing directly from the DVDs themselves.............


Also, once you have got Logic installed (and any other vital 3rd programs and data) I'd also then make a Carbon Copy Clone of your System HD to an external HD so if you ever need to install again from scratch, you can do so quickly and easily without having to go through all this again.

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Mac's which do not have a DVD drive can use the built-in Remote Disc function to share a drive in a computer on the same network.


On a Mac 'Slave', enable DVD/CD Sharing in the Sharing Preferences






I was going to suggest that as well, but I thought it was only on MacBook Airs. Good to know.

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