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Punch in and out problems.


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I am running 9.1.5 and having serious problems with punching in and out.


I seldom use the take folder style of recording because its just so cumbersome when tracking multiple instruments (Drums, bass, gtrs, keys and so on )


So I'm always in replace mode, and no overlap. The problem is when I punch in on an audio track to do a fix on a track or multiple tracks, the result is unpredictable. Sometimes the newly recorded audio will play back and sometimes even though the new audio exists, it is "layered" behind the old audio and the old audio plays back instead.

This is not a rare occurrence for me. It happens during about 50% of punchins.


this pretty much stops a tracking session dead in its tracks. There have always been glitchy problems with logic's audio handling but this latest update is the worst in this respect.


I can't understand why the basic and important job of recording audio with reliability seems to be such a low priority.



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