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Akai MPK25 - Midi controller problem, software


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Hi Guys,


As always, thanks in advance for your time and help.


• I am using Logic Pro 9 (logic studio) on 10.6.8

• As a note....I also have the korg nano pad 2 & nano kontroler 2... and have installed their control surface software (which maps all the controls for logic pro - mentioneded only in case this has something to do with it)



Note for moderators: The reason i'm posting this here and not in the Tech room area, is hopefully evident below




Basically, I have got an Akai MPK25 mini USB keyboard. If I connect the keyboard BEFORE loading Logic, then Logic pro recognises it an it plays (it shows up in Clicks and Ports as LP-MPK25)


• If i disconnect and reconnect it OR try and connect it AFTER logic has loaded, it does not get recognised?





• why is this happening, and obviously how can i solve this? it's a simple "plug and play" midi USB keyboard?


• I thought this might be something to do with the midi drivers etc? so i hit the "reset all midi" button (in one of the midi tabs), but this does not solve the problem and the keyboard still won't connect/work unless I restart logic?


• The reason that I mentioned the Korg software was that when i start Logic AND when i don't have the Korg Nano pad and Nano Kontroler connected a pop up box says the Korg Surfaces are not connected


• And when i disconnect my Akai MPK25 the same warning boxes pop up for the Korg things (nothing mentions the AKAI surfaces?)



Anyhows. all help appreciated, as this is very frustrating ... the equipment is now causing more disruption to work flow then helping.... very annoying



Ket :)

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