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Link Posting Policy Question

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A few weeks ago, I posted a question seeking creative process and production tutorial videos. Since then, I've found a series of videos on YouTube that are pretty close to what I was looking for. The series follows one producer's process of creating a track in Logic from the inspiration and concept through the final mixing and mastering. I thought I would post a link to them in my original thread in case anyone else was interested.


However, they are produced by an organization that offers training in Logic (among other things) and thus could be considered a competitor to the classes that David et. al. offer. While the videos are definitely not "infomercials", there are brief segments at the ends of some of them advertising the training services. I'm not sure if a link to such videos would be appreciated on Logic Pro Help, so I thought I'd ask before potentially stepping on toes. Is there a prohibition on posting links to material that advertises competitors?


I have no connection to the organization other than finding their videos very helpful.




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