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Tool menu key commands


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Nothing has sped up my workflow more than this. I've been using this method for years and couldn't imagine doing it any other way.


Change your keyboard shortcuts from screensets to tools. (If you use screensets just change them to Shift+1, Shift+2 etc.)


This method has worked for me:

1 Pointer Tool

2 Velocity Tool

3 Pencil Tool

4 Eraser Tool

5 Fade Tool

6 Scissor Tool

7 Flex Tool

8 Text Tool

9 Crosshair Tool

0 Note Force Legato

- Open/Close Take Folder

= Flatten Take Folder


Obviously this is a guideline and at the end of the day you just have to choose what you feel more comfortable with (I have a lot of commands that relate to pro tools, e.g.. F5 for zoom tool)


I suggest giving it a go, especially if you're working with midi, makes midi editing a complete breeze.

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As a side note:


I also have all my lists and browsers set between the F13 key and the F19 key. (you'll need a wired apple keyboard for this)


F13 Bin

F14 Loops

F15 Library


F16 Event

F17 Marker

F18 Tempo

F19 Signature


(I keep the browser as plain F)

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I like the idea Karp. Care to give a little instruction on how to change shortcuts to tools? I'm a little vague on this but I'd like to use your suggestion.

Hey Ken, all you have to do is open your Preferences > Key Commands window, then in the search field type 'set tool' to find all your tool key command. Click learn by key label, select a key command, and press a key, repeat until all are assigned. Done! :D

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Duh :oops:


You think I'd have known this by now and in fact I think I did but it was escaping my jet lagged brain.


EDIT: I spoke too soon. This looks only vaguely familiar and I don't want to mess anything up. I typed in "set tool" and it open at Various Windows. Just so I don't mess anything up am I in the right place to set my keyboard numbers to open various arrange tools?



Thanks a bunch David.



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Proceeding with much caution this is what I come up with. What are the affects of moving forward? Just means I lose the screen set command, correct? I'm an airline pilot, what do you expect. We move very cautiously. :D


That's probably for the better!! :lol:


But here not to worry, you're not going to break anything and no lives are at stake.


So in any case, yes, click "Replace" and lose your screensets assignments, you can leave them unassigned if you don't need them, or you can assign them later to something else.

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