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$500 Microphone suggestions

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I am a newbie to computer based recording looking for a second mic, currently I have a Rode NT1-A. I would use the mic for male vocals, acoustic guitar and some guitar amp work.

I hope I am not being to vague, any help or suggestions would be appreciated. If more info is needed let me know.



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^ I have the same mic - it's great, I'm also looking for something a little different.


I know that a lot of folks buy the basic MXL tube mic(s) and swap to a high quality tube and have had interesting results.


They're so inexpensive I'll likely try one out w/the tube mod.




or if you are handy w/a soldering iron mod a standard MXL:



granted not an expert on mic price vs. quality - hopefully others will chime in.

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You're probably going to laugh, but I find my SM-58 Beta to be indispensable. It's the only mic I use to record acoustic guitars, and in my experience, it's often perfect for making electric guitars & certain vocals sit in the mix just right.


There's also a few people offering mods to common mics like the SM-57 & C1000, which might be worth checking out.

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