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Recover deleted key commands using Time Machine


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I'm not sure how I did it but I just managed to delete all my custom key commands whilst browsing the key command window.


I foolishly hadn't exported my key commands for a few months so the .logikcs file stored on my external drive didn't have any recently added key commands in it.


I've managed to recover my key commands using Time Machine, I closed Logic down then went to a backup from a couple of hours ago (when I knew my key commands were working properly) & restored the following three files:








I'm not sure which of these files is the exact one you need but if you restore those three your key commands will return.


Once you get them back remember to export them straight away so you don't get caught out again.

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Probably the com.apple.logic.pro.plist file you listed (not the .cs or shared .plist). It used to be that you could directly re-import key commands from the logic.pro.plist file but no longer. :( But, since you've been able to reacquire your k/commands from your travels back in time, suggest you now export your k/commands and save them in a safe place.
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