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About recording with xenyx 1222 by Behringer

Roger Innocenti

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I've got a mixer xenyx 1222 usb by Berhringer.

Everything works perfect, but I was wondering If there is any chance to record more than one audio track individual. For example:


If I'm singing a playing guitar at the same time I'd like to record both tracks no in one single one, but 2.., one for guitar and one for voice.


i did that with my audio interface focusrite but with this mixer looks no possible. Probably can be any option on Logic Pro that can allow me to do that...


Any advice?



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Probably can be any option on Logic Pro that can allow me to do that.

Logic Pro can record as many simultaneous separate audio tracks as you have separate inputs on your audio interface. AFAIK those types of cheap mixer/interfaces have 2 inputs (left and right), so you could probably pan one instrument all the way left and the other all the way right to record them onto two separate tracks.

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Hi there Mr David,


First of all thanks for your help as always.

Your advice has been very useful and thanks for help me to resolve the issue with my the password.




Just wanted to let you know that I bought your book and even David Dvorin one.

Strange! I've been used this forum for more than a month without have any clue that the one on the other side was you behind this book. I found these books because London School Of Sound ask to buy to all the students.


So sorry for that and keep a good work and please keep help me as much as you can, that I'll do the rest xxx




Would you mind to give me some advice about this mixer http://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/music-production/mixers/mg_series_cx_models/mg166cx/?mode=model that I'd like to change with my x 1222 by Behringer.


As the end please!


Give me a little advice about this school, I think is the same that you have in L.A http://londonschoolofsound.co.uk/logic.php. I'd like to have a chance to get Logic 9 certification F.A.Q, Apple pro certification program .


If I'll do as part-time, is that give me as much job opportunities as doing Full Time?


Thanks very much for your understanding

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You're welcome Roger!


Logic Pro has a software mixer, so in most cases there's no need for a hardware mixer at all. I, personally, do not use one. I would recommend you get the best audio interface you can afford for your needs instead. Please ask any hardware questions in the Control Room, which is the forum dedicated for that type of questions.


I am not familiar with the school you mention, but I don't think attending part time vs full time would have an effect on job opportunities. Those are created when you start networking with your fellow classmates, teachers, answer ads, etc....


Best of luck to you!!

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