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I'm having the same problem. Just downloaded the App today. Since no posts are here I'm assuming you figured it out. What was your solution?


Logic 9.1.6 (not yet, anyway), Mac OS 10.6.8, 2 x 2.26 Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 12 GB RAM, Apogee Symphony

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I feel its my duty to report no solution was found. For those of you in the current position as I was -- in Logic 8.0.2 and wanting to (finally!) upgrade to Logic 9.1.6 I have 3 words for you: DON'T DO IT! I've heard no problems from others who had upgraded to 9.0.... or 9.1..... or even later with 9.1.5.... but God have mercy on you if you upgrade from 8.0.2 to 9.1.6. It wasn't meant to be. Think about it: if you look at it upside down ITS STILL 9.1.6 ! A sure sign of EVIL!


Long story short, I've had a great working system on my Mac Pro at 10.6.8, 2x2.6 Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 12 Gb Ram running on a brand spanking new Apogee Symphony 64 with 8 I/O and 16 Analog outs for my SSL summing. Then, the one time - ONE TIME - I upgrade in 3 years I get this...9.1.6. Not even the guys at the Apple Store could figure it out. We downloaded, re-installed, deleted preferences, the whole sh-bang. Yah. The "Genius Bar". They were trumped. Its not their fault.


I don't know whose fault it was, but I'm back on 8.0.2 with all my prefs and settings saved. I'm waiting for: 1) my 200 bucks back from Apple and 2) the next upgrade. I'll sit back quietly and watch (again.... as usual...)

A Cautionary Tale. You Have Been Warned.




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