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"unequal stereo regions" problem....


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Hey all,


I've brought in drum takes of song I'm working on - 11 total tracks, 3 of them are stereo (1 set overheads, 2 sets rooms). I made cuts on bar lines where needed and carefully comped out a master drum track, snapping all to barlines. It sounds great, just what I wanted. I saved the file and went home. Came in this morning, opened the track, and began assessing each cut, cross fading, cleaning up (using snap = samples) individual tracks. I got halfway through (7:40 track length, fyi), and got interrupted. I saved, and before I closed the file, I listened to all the edits from the beginning to well past where I had just stopped (and of course I check each cross fade minutely when I do them, also). I did not shut down my box, even left all speakers etc on, as I was planning on resuming shortly. When I closed the file, I also closed Logic (v8.02).


Upon return, I opened logic, and opened the file again and received the message: "49 unequal stereo regions corrected" (OK).


I've never seen this before. I reluctantly selected OK (no other options) and opened the file. I listened from the beginning and it seemed fine, until, at one point, it started sounding... weird. Like, sort of out of phase-ish. I dug in to the stereo tracks and started solo'ing them and sure enough they somehow changed. They no longer match the rest of the tracks. Note that this occurred before the end of my last crossfading session.


I closed (without saving) and re-opened and received the same.


What did Logic do?

How can I fix this?

Any thoughts very much appreciated.


-- brent

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Here's notes and a workaround for dealing with non-interleaved stereo files (per the bug located here:http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=4488 )... for those of you still on v8.02.


Note that all of the below should be performed in ONE SESSION.


- slice and dice the track regions and move them into the master track for that instrument (drum overhead sliced up and all regions moved into master drum overhead track, for example). Be sure to make cuts on known timeline entities, such as bar or beat (I used bar).

- For each stereo track that may potentially cause a problem, use No Overlap, and move the cut to exactly where it needs to be.

- Crossfade the cuts as needed.

- File > Export > Bounce the stereo track (or tracks)


This results in one file that you can bring into a separate stereo track. Note that when you save close and re-open you will see the Unequal error - it refers to the cuts and crossfades made on the original master track. Specifically it seems the error happens to the stereo non-interleaved files/regions when the moved region length is changed (which is consistent with the bug report entry above).


I actually bounces all my drum track takes into single comprehensive files. Since I am at the beginning of this project, it's simple to do now. I then created an entirely new project i a separate folder structure, brought in the bounced tracks, and ended up with a very nice drum comp and no misc garbage hanging out in the audio bin (and no unknown errors flying across the screen when I open my project).


I hope this helps...

-- b

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