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Brand new install: Logic Pro quit unexpectedly


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Hi ,


I just bought a couple of mac book pro 13" 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 running os 10.7.2

for my classes.


I installed using my DMG files as the actual install disks have long been lost (thank god I made some DMGs').


Anyways, after insalling Logic pro 9 into the 13",Logic just wont open!

All I get is a error message. You know the one, 'Logic Pro quit unexpectedly'. The thing is it never opened in the first place , not even the Logic 'initializing' window.


I have sucessfully installed the software on other imacs but for some reason it just wont work on the 13" mac book pros.

This is frustrating as I have the serial number etc and it is a purchased copy of Logic.


Is there a limit to how many computers can run the same copy of Logic?


I have disabled wi fi on both the 13" machines as they are only to be used for Logic.


If anyone can shed light on this I'd be so greatful.





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