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Computer audio is warbling/chirping, help!

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Hey guys, I have had this problem for a couple weeks now and its driving me up the wall. Basically every so often when playing audio it will suddenly crash start to sound "warbly" and "chirpy" with unintelligible noise. It happens when I am in a session, and also when I am just listening to music at my computer. I thought it was my audio interface at first but the problem persists with both my Apogee Duet and my M-audio Profire 2626. However, I think its worse with the profire in that when it happens to only way to correct it is turning off the interface, waiting 10 seconds, and than turning it back on. The Duet seems to correct itself (usually) after a couple seconds. So I think this has to be an issue with the relationship between the computer/core audio and the interfaces, since it is happen with both of my interfaces. IDK what to do next to fix it, so any ideas would be appreciated!
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