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Mastering engineer who charges by how many tracks you have.

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So I came across someone who has decent work but his charges read as follows :

Mixing is a flat rate of 150 and mastering is determined by how many tracks. This should be the other way around right? I know not to trust someone that offers both because they're two completely different procedures but charging this way is kinda fishy am I right?

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Mastering by the track is the norm. Mixing for a flat fee is also the norm. Some kind of mass discount may kick in in both cases. Exactly what he's doing, so nothing fishy about that.


However, if mixing costs only $150 per song you're very likely getting what you're paying for. Depending on the scope of the job, mixing takes somewhere between three hours and a full day. In contrast I charge $800 for mixing.


Most mastering engineers have specialized in mastering and don't offer mixing for various reasons; lack of mixing experience or a studio not made for mixing. I come from a production/mixing background, and while I mainly offer mastering today (since 2004), I do mix occasionally. Being a mastering engineer doesn't exclude being able to mix - if you've got the experience and the gear.

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Clinton, regardless of what the price is, make sure you ask the person for a few samples of songs they've mixed and/or mastered.


Definitely did that most even sent me a free mix. (Don't plan on purchasing until way later just looking for a good mixer and master for now to use later on)


Anyways this guy encouraged me to start a business o.o, apparently he lives off of mixing music listen to the sample he sent me of my mix



then listen to my latest version of my mix here



and this guy wanted to charge me $500, are my ears broken?

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