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Apple Loops "Beat" Total is low [SOLVED]


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I was checking my Apple Loops "Beat Total" and it shows (429) instead of the usual (1800+)...


I've tried hitting the reset button and it still shows a low beat total of 429.


If anyone out there have a clue on how getting my apple loop beat totals correct again - please let me know.




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Yes... Oddly enough I just had this issue myself... about 2 hours ago.. and I am not sure what caused Logic to lose track of all it's internal loops though it continued to find my user loops ok.


First thing to try is to right click in the lower window of the loop browser and choose re-index loops and see if that brings them back.


If it doesn't you may have hit the same bug as I did...


The fix I used.. was to reindex my loops in Garageband and it worked perfectly then in Logic... whereas doing the same thing in Logic, didn't work?!?!


Here is the 'how to' link for GB...



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