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Lion....MOTU Ultralite....collateral damage?????


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Not sure why that would be.. Running Lion 10.7.2 and Ultralites on all of my main systems here... and no issues at all.


When you say Logic doesn't recognize your Ultralite, does it show up in the Audio Preferences of Logic at all?


if no then... Is Motu's Cuemix finding it ok?


if no then... Does it show up in the OS X audio/midi preferences?


if no then...Have you installed the latest Motu drivers?


The ones you should be using are as follows:


File Name: MOTU_Audio_Installer-Mac-110806.zip

Date: 2011/08/09

Version: 1.6.48575

Size: 18.0MB

Platform: Mac OSX


If you are already using the latest ones, try re-installing them again...


Again, no issues here with that combination...

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As always, appreciated....


The answer to all questions is "no"...I guess I'll need to load the drivers.


Again, thanks....


I get a "no motu pci card found" error message.


You've been a big help...have a great 2012....



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Hi tele,


yes, a reinstall of the drivers seems to be the answer i believe. The clue is the fact it is trying to look for a PCI card which you don't have... instead of the Ultralite.


If that doesn't work then you might have a hardware issue but hopefully that is not the case..


Let me know..


Happy New Year!!



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I updated the driver as you suggested. And it WORKS PERFECTLY!!!!!!!


I just want to say how sincerely I appreciate all the great help you've provided. It would have taken me hours!!! to figure this out.


I often read your comments and suggestions to others, just to learn a bit. So, I've learned a lot from you over the years.


Really really appreciated. You've been a great help.



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