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Logic 9.1.6 initial project start time and Airport Extreme


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Some people have reported a delay when they first open a project in Logic 9.1.6, before they can start work on it or play it.


The following 'tip' seems to help some of these people who also have an Airport Extreme as their router.


When you created your iCloud account and/or if you changed your Mobile Me password then make sure you also update the password under any entries you may have in the Advanced/Mobile Me settings in your Airport Extreme.


Failing to do so causes a slowdown in any app that accesses your iCloud/Mobile Me account... as the Airport Extreme repeatedly sends an incorrect Password slowing things down to a crawl at times until the App in question 'times out' it's request.


Thanks to Dave Hurston @ Apple for this 'tip' which I have used successfully to fix an issue one of my Clients had with Logic.

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