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running Logic 9.1.6 in 64 bit mode - need advice?


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I'm running 10.6.8 on a Mac Pro with 16GB with an RME Fireface 400, Euphonix MC Mix and MC Transport.


I've got Ozone5, Trash, RX2, Melodyne Editor 2.0 an Guitar Rig 3 plug-ins.


I've never tried to run OS X in 64 bit, or Logic in 64 bit.


What kind of trouble can I get into with my setup?


Guitar Rig is not a 64 bit plug-in, but I ?think? that the others are (not sure about Trash or RX2)?


Will this cause issues? Is there a way to disable certain plug-ins while in 64 bit?


Do I need to start OS X in 64 bit mode to take advantage of Logic 64 bit?



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First off.. you don't need to run your Mac in 64bit Kernel mode to run Logic in 64bit mode.. Your Mac in 32bit Kernel mode can happily run Logic in both modes. In fact it is probably recommended, given your OS version and your hardware.. that you simply boot up in the default mode for your Mac which is 32bit Kernel mode.


So.. given you are going to simply run Logic in 64bit mode.. Play with it and see what happens. If something screws up then you simply switch back to Logic in 32bit mode and no harm/no foul....


Check also that you have the latest drivers/versions of your plugins for everything installed...


Finally, when running a 32bit only plugin.. in Logic 64bit mode..Logic will automatically use the 32-64bit bridge which is a bit unstable, to say the least.... Because of this, I have basically purged my system of plugins that have not been updated to 64bit.. and I have found alternatives to those that have not been (and in some cases.. look like they never will be) updated. You don't have to disable any 32bit plugins..so long as they all validate correctly... just don't use them if they cause issues via the bridge.. They will appear in Logic 64bit under the plugins (32bit) menus...


This way you can always go back to Logic 32bit when you want to use those plugins without issue.



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