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audio out of sync when bounced?


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recently i've been mixing down some projects in a professional studio so i've needed to bounce stems in order to be able to import the audio into another DAW. two of the three tracks i've been able to do this without any problems using the "export all tracks as audio files" function. what is produced is all the stems in time as audio files. perfect.


however, when i perform this function with one of the tracks the audio that is produced is out of time. this would not be a problem if i could line it up manually but some of the audio is forward so that it is actually cut off at the start. bad.


my guess as to what the problem might have been was track delays. in this track i was using some external midi which was out of time for some reason so i used the track delays to adjust this (My set up is pretty weak and has quite a lot of latency, i just try to work around it). so anyway, i bounced the midi to audio so this was no longer a problem and reset all the track delays on all tracks to 0, however my audio, when bounced, is still out of sync.


its strange because it's only on some tracks... i dunno, its got me beat. so anybody, please help?!?!


thank you thank you thank you

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So if I get your problem right, the problem is the outboard equipment you synced with logic, right?

The tracks of Logic (bounced and unbounced) stay in sync?


It could help to put in one or two measures before the track actually starts which gives all the machines

enough time to sync in correctly. You would have to cut away those two measures later from the bounces


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