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Mainstage 2.2.... trustworthy?


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I gig 3-4 times a week, using Mainstage as my primary "instrument". I've been using MS since it first came out with an 86% success rate, until this last year when I've gotten that up to 96%.


So Mainstage 2.2 on MacBook Pro,

2.3 GHz i.5,


25GB available on drive

OSX 10.6.8,

3rd party AUs in order of importance: Pianoteq, VB3, MTron, Minimonsta


Do I go for the upgrade? Any problems? Is it worth the "feature release" price? Should I move to Lion yet?


Thank's yall,



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I've got the same setup as you. I'm updated my MS, after reading how stable & cpu economical it was. First gig it crashed twice.. I went back to old version. Duplicate old version & rename it. Then upgrade and you'll be safe. P.S. Copy your concert and rename it too.

You'll be safe.

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