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Can't Record Audio at all!


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Hi there, I am new to logic and have used garageband for sometime. Everything was working fine with garageband except that the M-Audio Venom I bought wouldn't function at all, but my usb guitar interface worked great. So now using logic my venom works superbly as a midi controller, but if I try to record from my guitar interface or try to use the synth as a standalone it doesn't even recognize that it is receiving sound, the volume bars stay stagnant. For the guitar interface the volume bar rises a little when I plug the guitar in, but when I strum with my guitar's volume on the bar doesn't rise at all. Any help? This is really frustrating.
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I've been having the same problem. I purchased a Venom almost a month ago and have been excruciatingly frustrated the whole time. I've found numerous posts all over the web about people having the same problem...but I have yet to see an answer.


I'm trying to record the sounds in the Venom as midi onto Logic Pro via usb cable.

I can get a couple of notes to come through then a midi loop just gets stuck. I managed to get about 10 notes recorded one time but even though they show up as midi notes on the track i cannot hear them unless I'm monitoring out the Venom.


I'm brand new to the forum so i haven't added all my specs to my signature yet and am going to upgrade to a mac pro within the month. so here it is for now....

I'm running on a power mac G5 4 x 2.5 Ghz

5.5 GB RAM

OS 10.5.8

updated the latest drivers and firmware for the venom and vysex.

running Logic Pro 8.0.2


I need to return this to guitar center in less than a week if i can't make this work. Hoping to find an answer soon.


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