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Tutor wanted


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I am willing to pay, say, 500$ or slightly more to some guru who is skillful and knowledgeable enough to analyze and break down Madeon's track "Raise your weapon" and teach me how to create similar sounds and sound effects as in the named track :!:

I am using Logic as wel as 3rd party plugins like Alchemy, Sylenth, Omnisphere, Massive and some more

If anyone is interested and is indeed ABLE to do this, please, pm me.

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hmm.... you want someone to basically re-make the track so you can pick the bit's out, ?


i empathize with the mentality that you believe you could do this or that if only you knew that particular technique / lick or whatever.... But ( if this is at all the case ) it just doesn't work like that..... For me, for ages, it seemed i was always just one synth sound or technique away from making the best thing in the world ever..... Just practice and time though.

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The only person who's really going to be able to tell you how to make his remix is Madeon himself.


The thing with music, computers... and hell, anything in life, is that there is rarely a set formula for creativity. I can make a digital "yeah" sound by saying the word into a vocoder, by taking a recording of the word yeah and running it through a program like bitspeek, by bitcrushing/downsampling a pulse-width modulated pulse wave, by using a wavetable synth like massive, by using a vowel filter- and get nearly the same exact results, with slight nuances between each technique.


I was watching a post-grammy stream by Deadmau5, and he was speaking about how he finds people to be on his label Mau5trap (which Madeon is signed to, of course)- he looks for their ability to figure out how to make their music independently, to have taught themselves synthesis and not to be preset users, to learn how to mix for themselves and produce entire EPs and albums independently. The only thing he doesn't expect his label members to do themselves is master, as he believes that all artists should really have a fresh new ear doing the mastering for them.


I for one, went through many 'keyboard' teachers hoping somebody could teach me how to synthesize and produce music, whereas all of them seemed to focus on simply playing keys; nothing more than a glorified piano course.


So, my advice for you would be- just keep plugging away and experimenting at making your own music. Try making simple genres with a lot of rules, like radio-style dance-pop music akin to Ke$ha or RedOne; once you can get those four-chord, simple progression genres down, try breaking the rules and making other genres.


Look up tutorials for synthesis and song production- boyinaband.com is really good for learning concepts, even if the final productions are a bit shaky- and follow them. Don't use your results in your actual songs, however- just see what the tutorial teaches you then experiment on your own. Try different things, and if you get a sound you like, roll with it.


As nice as it would be to have a step-by-step process to making good music, there isn't one. If there was, all music would sound exactly the same! Rather, it's experimentation that brings fresh new music to the industry.


Just the two cents of somebody who's still learning a lot himself!

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