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Keycommands (⌥k) small symbol b4 keycommand [SOLVED]


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Just curious to know, in David's book, at the back under Keyboard shortcuts (U.S. Preset) the key command for - Set locators by regions/event/marquee - is an =


For Set locators by rounded regions/events/marquee - Shift =


Though I noticed under the US with numeric keypad preset key commands in Logic, each of these two key commands has a symbol of 3 by 4 dots preceding it. Never seen this symbol before, any idea where it is on the keyboard? I guess it means numeric keypad but do you have to press another key as well to use the key command.


The thing is I use a full size keyboard, but have it set to the U.S. preset. Thought I'd check out the numeric key command presets.




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