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How do i sample a song(s) on my midi?


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Hello logic people!


I'm kinda new to logic so im sorry for the dumb question but . . .


Do i need a certain plug in vst to sample a song??


I wanna sample an old song , chop it up on my midi and make something brand new.


Do i need a vst plug in for this or can i do it on logic pro 9 from the get go?


If i do need a plug in, any good ones out there? free for download or how much do they cost??


Thank you for reading, hope for some answers! (:

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First off know that Logic does not support VST plug-ins, it only supports AU (Audio Units) plug-ins. However you may not need to buy anything, as Logic has a sampler, the EXS24.


An easy way to start would be to place your sample (recording) of the song on an audio track, chop it up manually using the scissors or the marquee, then select all the regions and choose Audio > Convert Regions into New Sampler Track. This allows you to then trigger the regions with the keys on your MIDI controller - or by programming MIDI notes in a MIDI editor.

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