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Syncing Record Function from keyboard to LP9 [SOLVED]


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I'm a bit new to this so bare with me if I can't express my question properly.


I have a Yamaha MO8 production sythesizer connected to my computer and have

been recording it wiht Logic Pro 9. Usually, what I'll do is record a loop on my synthesizer

so that it is already quantized, then I'll hit record in Logic Pro and let it record what is playing

from my synthesizer. The only problem I have with this is that: LP9 usually will count-in to

the record (1.. 2.. 3.. 4..) and then start recording what I have playing on my synthesizer.

This means that I have to listen for the count-in and then hit play on my synth when I feel

the first beat comes around. Then I don't really get it "exact" so I have to go in and edit

the sound clip so that it loops smoothly.


So, what I am wondering is: is there any way I can have LP9 start recording at the same

time that I hit play on my synthesizer? That way I get smooth loops and don't have to

edit them?


This very well could be something I'd have to figure out on my synth but I figured I'd ask

if it was possible in Logic or if anyone knows the solution. I just want to be able to record

on Logic and not have it actually start recording until I hit play on my synth.



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Never mind. =) I managed to resolve this on my own using the MIDI Clock function. Thanks for reading.


Thank you for updating your thread with your solution!




Yes, I'm just sorry to take up server space with my conversationless thread haha. You can delete it if you wish =)

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