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Buying a new recording Mac - advice?

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I've been recording using my Macbook for a couple of years now and it's always served me well, however it's now come to the point where I want to start running a more pro setup with a desktop mac. I know *a bit* about specs but I could really do with some advice as I'm no expert.


My budget is up to £1000 and it would be used pretty much only for recording in Logic 9 (although I might do some video production too) and an iMac "all in one" setup would be preferable given limited space - ideally with a screen no larger than 21.5"


So far what I've been looking at are Mac Pros and iMacs with the following minimum specs but it seems to be a bit of a minefield, (I've see Mac Pro's for £900 with only 2gb of RAM - surely not fast enough for recording?) so any help or pointers would be much appreciated.


This is the sort of specs I've been looking for with my limited knowledge:


8gb of RAM or more

500gb hard disk or more

i5 processor (for iMac)

10.6 operating system (so I can run Logic 9)



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Great. Congrats on your new purchase, you'll be very happy. :D




Just one final question... I presume that upgrading the RAM from 4gb to 16gb just entails me buying the extra memory to put in the slots underneath?


To make it 16gb I presume I'll have to take out the 2x 2gb RAM chips (currently in two slots) and put in 4x 4gb (using all 4 slots)?

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Thanks everyone for all the help. I now have the iMac (loving it!) and have upgraded the RAM to 16gb. Really enjoying using it.


Here's my setup for those of you that are interested:


21.5" iMac (2.7ghZ, 1 TB hard disk drive, 16gb RAM, OSX Lion)

Tascam US-1641 Audio Interface

M-Audio BX5A monitors

Korg Microkey 37 MIDI controller keyboard


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