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axiom 25 not working

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i have been using my axiom 25 for a while now, it was working fine on a project recently in logic pro 9 on a mac osx, and it's all of a sudden stopped working. I have always just plugged it in and played, thats been enough for what i need it for.




> display is lit, it displays cc 7... then E9 at the bottom

> pitch bend etc all seem to be working on the display

> when i press the keys, there's no signal on the mac or no sound of the virtual instrument i've assigned




ive changed usb ports, and usb plugs, no difference

I've reset to default, restarted logic, restarted mac etc etc


nothing is working


i'm now at a friends place on a PC running cubase, i've used the axiom on this system before and it worked fine, just plug in and play, but same deal here, nothing, no sound, no signal.


hope someone can help me, because i'm running out of ideas!

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