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Automation Corruption, "unused" events and "?????"


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This situation has been plaguing me for 6 months or more, and seems to occur on every project, without fail. What I'm about to describe are all symptoms of some kind of major Logic bugginess that affects Logic's performance and thus my ability to create.


The screenshot shows the automation event list for a track to which I've written volume rides. Note how the last two events are "Unused", and the very last event is shown to be at a [ahem] questionable location. None of that is normal, afaict.


Also note how the last actual Volume event (Control 1, 7, 115) is at position 88/4/3/30. That position is an indication of around where my song actually ends, but the "unused" automation events extend way beyond that. And when this situation crops up, my Song End marker has usually moved all by itself to a value in the thousands. Seeing my project length become a value of 2000 or more (in the transport) has become a common sight on my rig.


What causes any of this to happen is a complete mystery. I'm not using any templates (other than the Explore > Empty template) to start any project, and these problems can occur at any time, even after recording just one track of MIDI stuff and then doing some volume automation on it. And I've trashed prefs, blah blah blah, without any improvement.


Normally I wouldn't care about a few stupid Logic glitches, but I've noticed that when Logic starts getting sluggish in the middle of a project or otherwise starts acting strangely (as if the song is corrupted), these same symptoms appear. The cure, which is often only temporary, is to go into the automation arrange page, manually remove the errant events from each automation region in which they occur, and reset the Song End marker back to a reasonable value. It's an entirely unacceptable situation, to say the least.




1) Anyone else experience this?

2) Does this situation suggest a re-install, or is it just something I'll have to live with?

3) Any other suggestions?

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