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Convert region sample rate to 44.1 from 48 w/ Flex [SOLVED]


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Hello everyone,


I searched the forums up and down for a solution and wasn't able to find a similar situation and remedy.


I have 8/11 song/projects for an upcoming LP finished with drums only and only 3 more songs to go for the drums before we move on to the other instruments. However, we keep getting a weird clicky, distortion, buzz on the tracks over time which I think is due to the following. I'm aggregating an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra with another M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R via two USB connections (I know it's not the best option but I needed 12 pre's with phantom power) and at 48000 sample rate, I get the aforementioned noise. However, in previous projects at 44.1 I don't get the noise.


However, with only the drums done and more tracks on the way, I think it'd be safer to go back down to 44.1 for the next 3 songs and the previous 8 songs.


I NEED HELP! I tried converting each region in the same project to 44.1 but it would change the speed and would not match up with the click track/tempo. I know I could bounce each individual track at 44.1 and bring them into a new project one at a time, but I'm looking to save my Flex markers as the drums sound GREAT using the Flex markers and quantizing the regions.


Final question/summary: Is there a way for me to convert all my recorded regions to 44.1 from 48 and still keep my Flex markers and regions in sync with the tempo/click track?

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Change the project to 44.1 first. Then go to the Audio bin and convert the files there. That should do it.


This doesn't work for me, going from 44.1 to 96KHz - can you think why/a workaround other than bouncing down all the regions with flextime on?


It's a bit of a pain as I'm working on demos and trying some tempo changes on all the project, so flextime is on all the audio tracks in the project. For tracks with no tempo changes, it's almost always on all the vocals, for flex pitch.



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