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32 and 64 Bit Plug In Tabs??


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Hi again, just a quick one, sort of. I've just figured out how to boot everything in 64 bit, when I open Logic and go to place an instrument or an audio unit on a track, it now has a tab for instruments and instruments (32 Bit) same with the plug in's Audio Units and Audio Units (32 Bit). It sounds like a silly question, but I'm taking it that the tab thats not proceeded by (32 Bit) is the tab for 64 bit plug in's?? The only reason I ask is because, all the instruments and plug in's in that tab were bought when I was running 32 Bit and I downloaded the 32 Bit installers, synths like Massive and FM8 are now in (what I think is) this 64 bit tab, but I've never installed anything 64 Bit before, so I'm a bit confused... :|
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