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New to Recording: connecting MIDI/Audio Interface

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I am essentially new to recording and am trying to get a basic understanding of how to connect the various pieces of the system. I have the following:


iMac w/ Logic;

NI Maschine; and

Yamaha Motif XF (about to arrive).


In trying to read as much as I can, it seems like the simplest way to do things is to do the following:


Connect the Maschine directly to the iMac via USB;

Connect the Motif directly to the iMac via USB or Firewire to capture MIDI signals; and

Connect the Motif though an audio interface (which is, in turn, connected to the iMac) to capture onboard Motif samples.


Does this sound correct? Is there a better way to do this? Considerations re: future growth/expansion that make this solution inflexible?


All help would be appreciated. Apologies if this was not an appropriate first post.




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