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Logic Controller Assignments [SOLVED]


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Hi there


Im new to this forum, so I apologise if this has been discussed before but I am literally tearing my hair out!!! PLEASE could somebody help. Here is my situation.....


I am running a Macbook Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz (4GB RAM) on OSX 10.5.8 in conjunction with a Novation Remote Zero SL control surface. My aim was to use Mainstage 2 as a performance interface for 6 channel strips (combination of audio and software depending on song requirements etc). On each instrument would be a reverb and I would control parameters using my RemoteSL control surface. This worked out fine, and everything was going great until I encountered the dreaded CPU spikes when too much was going on at once, and despite fiddling with buffer sizes and just could not get a comfortable environment i could feel confident enough to take into a live setting. I really cant afford an upgrade to a Macbook Pro, so i figured.......


This is when I turned to Logic 9. I believed that Logic could do everything I wanted it to, and probably more stable. After setting up my environment and loading the reverbs into channel strips I was ready to assign my control parameters. HOWEVER, this is where Ive stumbled across something which I hope is not the case.....you can only adjust parameters for whichever channel strip is selected at the time??? Is this right?! Surely not? For example, I would have the mentioned 6 channel strips set up each with a reverb on the inserts....and I would assign knob 1 on the Remote SL to control for example 'room size' for channel 1 reverb, then knob 2 assigned to 'room size' on channel 2 reverb and so on. But knob 1 will only work if i have selected Channel 1 on the mixer or arrange window, and then if I want to adjust channel 2 I have to select channel 2 before I can adjust the Remote SL. Surely this cant be the case, and I must be missing something....as it would completely defeat the whole object of a control surface??


Please if someone could help me I would appreciate it so much. Ive spent so much time, effort and money trying to achieve my dream live setup and I really dont want to fail at this one last hurdle! Everything else is set up perfectly.


Many regards in advance



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Hello nicholaswade, and welcome to Logic Pro Help! :D


Shivermetimbers is trying to understand your workflow. Sometimes, understanding what a poster ultimately want makes it much easier to give them the right solution right away. Nothing wrong with that.


To learn an assignment for a specific track independently of which track is selected, make sure the track is not selected at the time you learn the assignment.


Hope that makes sense?

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