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Hi Everybody,

How can I put aiff files at the frequency of 48khz into an audiofiles pool of a session at the frequency of 44.100khz.?

Obviously 48khz aiff files into a session at 44.100 would sound slightly slower and downpitch.

please help

many thanks

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Going outside the program itself and converting in iTunes, Quicktime, etc;

Those should convert your files without any weirdness.


Then import them back in: Toolbox> Pencil Tool> Hold Shift Key> Click on coresponding Audio Track...your rockin'!!!


Good luck!!!

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Thanks guys,

I first tried to go with the edit sampler converter. I must say the operation went quite well or maybe it's because of my not that surgical ears.

Could the logic sample converter work better from top to bottom (48khz - 44) rather than from bottom to top (44khz - 48)?

the Best to you

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Hey man, if it sounds good, then it's good.


It's just that in my experience, I could always hear some artifacts, like little spikes here and there, when converting sample rates. But it also depends on the material you are trying to convert.


If you're happy with it, then don't look any further.

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I've found the SRC in Logic to be less than pristine, going either way.


If you can do it in an external program like DSP-Quattro, the result will be

reasonably free of artefacts.


It may sound *OK* when you are tracking but, once you are dithering down from 24 to 16 bit at the end, these things have a habit of leaping out of the mix and assaulting your lugholes .................





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