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Can you run "waves 8" and "waves 9" simultaneously in Logic?

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I don't think you can... and even if you could, why would you want to? What's in 8 that's not in 9? And do you really want a sheer endless list of (mostly duplicate) plugins? The bundle is already bloated as it is. But, to be sure, you should check out at Waves's how/what the compatibility of both bundles is.

If 8 is not (Mountain) Lion compatible (and I believe it isn't), and 9 is not Snow Leopard compatible (which I am unsure about), then no. I also can see potential problems with the Waveshell components, I don't think you can have two of those, but, bottom line, you should ask or check with Waves themselves. Chances are 95,72 % that it won't work though.

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