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I/O labels


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I can't figure out how these work. I made a default song and named all the buses ass I would like to have them.


I open a song and use the import function to add tracks and busses from my template. All the bus names (I entered in the I/O labels) are wrong because Logic puts them on the next best free buses.


Someone understands my issue :-) ?

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I/O labels just determine which bus # gets what name. It's up to you, after importing, to re-select the correct bus #s if you're not happy with the ones Logic assigns in your sends etc.


The reason why this seems like an issue is: I/O labels weren't intended for this application. If you want to name a bus "reverb", then you just name the Aux that receives that bus. In each template/project. I/O labels are made to name hardware configurations, so for example if your SM58 is always plugged into input 1, you can name your input 1 "SM58". This will never change unless you actually physically unplug the mic and plug it somewhere else - in that case you'll also need to change the I/O labels.


Hope that helps.

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