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Using a Sherman Filterbank 2 as an insert Fx in Logic??


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Hi all,

I've just bought a Sherman Filterbank 2!


I'm trying to use it as an insert fx to route a bassline i made on it!


So i plugged Sherman's OUT on the input 3 of my RME FF800 and Sherman's IN is going into my channel out 5 in my RME.


Now in Logic, i inserted the I/O Fx and routed it like this:


-analog 3/4 on my input volume:: as the master out of the Sherman is going on the Input 3 of my Rme


-analog 1/2 for the output, as it's the one i use for my monitors


I can hear the Sherman's effect, but the pb is i'm hearing the main signal too and louder than the Sherman's one.


So my question is, how can i only have the Sherman's signal in my monitors?



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Thx for the tip, i didn't knew that! :-)


Unfortunately, i still have the main (pure) level louder than the filtered signal....


First step is done. :D


Now open Total Mix. Make sure you have Submix selected at the right.

Select your Main Output on the lower row in Total Mix. It's usually AN1/2... The same output that is connected to your speakers.

Now go to the middle row and lower the fader of AN5/6 all the way.

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So i can't have the 100% wet signal on my headphones?


Sure you can!


First things first:

Please add your Logic version and system info to your signature: Forum Rules - please READ THIS before posting (#5)

And please upload your screenshots directly to this site. It's easier to see and they will not vanish suddenly.



Your I/O plug-in is not configured properly.

Should be Output 5 and Input 3.


Totalmix is totally messed up.

Basically with the PHL and PHR selected:

Raise the Out 1/2 fader on the middle row to unity gain (0.0)

Lower the In3 fader on your top row all the way down.


Now select AN 5-6 on the lowest row.

Raise the Out 5/6 to unity gain (0.0). Al other faders in the middle row should be all the way down.

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I only hear the Sherman with this setting, i have no idea why?


Right, i'm gonna restart from the scratch lol


Thx for the help! :-)


Yes. You only hear it with either output 1 or 2 cause you are soloing the track.

But don't worry we'll get there.


It's best starting with a new template.

Use the Output 5 and Input 3 on the I/O plug-in.


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