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Sync drum machine problem


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Hi Everyone,


I have my Machine Drum connected to my mac pro via midi, and the audio outputs connected to inputs 1-2 on my audio interface.


Problem is, when i play my machine drum it is out of time with logic slightly. I have gone into logic prefs and turned delay compensation 'off, and that does get it close, but it's still not tight with logic.

I've played around with the 'preferences/midi/sync tab - 'All midi output delay - 36.0ms' - And this seems to get it close, but everytime i come back to logic i seem to have to change this number to say '20.0ms, then it might be 25.0ms etc etc.


It's like 2 problems basically -


1. When i press play in logic, the machine drum plays, but slightly out of time.

2. When i record into logic i'm having to adjust the audio because it's not recording bang in time.


I was just wondering am i doing something wrong or is there anything i can do to solve this problem?



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