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Advice for my 2-Mac network?


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I'd appreciate any advice anyone has as to how I should network my computers together, if at all. I run Logic from a 2.4ghz intel i5 macbook with 16GB ram. I run most of my samples through multiple instances of EXS24, sometimes 50+ instances. It usually works pretty well. However, I also have a circa 2009 Mac Mini I'd like to put to good use. It's got 4GB Ram, which I think is the max.


I'm about to buy Heavyocity's Damage, and thought about putting it on my Mac Mini and networking it. Or maybe I should run some of my exs samples via Kontakt player on my Mac Mini? Would I need Vienna Ensemble Pro to use the Mac Mini?


I've never networked two computers together for composing, with Logic or any other sequencer. Any help is greatly appreciated in advance.

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Thanks! I'm posting what I wrote to "mooquu" below, in hopes you can help. Looks like Wormhole AU has a problem working with osx 10.7......just in case you know anything @ it.


mooquu, thanks for the great info. I studied film scoring at Berklee ('02); if I'd had another $30g I'd have studied music synth and (for another $30g) MP&E. Alas.... I didn't, so I have a question or two about this setup.


I got midi working over my network using audiomidi; I installed WormHole 2.0.6 component file in both my OS10.6 MacMini (slave) and my 10.7 Macbook. The MacMini can see Wormhole as an available AU plugin; the Macbook cannot. I read somewhere that this was an issue with osx 10.7; is this true? If so I guess this solution won't work for me?

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