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Track Automation Problem [SOLVED]


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I've been a follower of this site for the last two years, gained some great tips, but this is my first post.


I'm finishing a track at the moment and having a real annoying automation problem. The lead vocal track has been put together using different takes, but the chorus is significantly louder than the rest of the track. For some reason it is ignoring any automation. I've tried cutting the chorus section, putting it on a new track without any plugins, yet it is still loud and ignores any volume adjustments volume.


Can anybody help with this? I would really appreciate your time.



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Hi David - Thanks for your reply. I've updated my signature as requested.


Yes, it doesn't matter what I do to the volume it's loud on the track, however, what's frustrating is that it's only one section, the rest of the track is fine and automation works on it.


Screen shots attached to this reply. It'd be great if you could help.


Thank you



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Hi David - Thank for taking the time out to reply.


I've managed to sort it. It seems that each track I had melodyne on was doubling up the chorus'.


Sounds strange but when I bypassed all the melodyne plug-ins there was no problem. I resolved it by automating all the tracks with melodyne on to nothing and only raising on parts where I needed to use it.


A long process but i couldn't find any troubleshoots for melodyne!


Thank again for your time.

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