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Controller button for on/off specific note on specific track


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I've just bought an AKAI MPK mini to control Logic.


So far so good but have got stuck with one thing I'd like to do:


Use a pad button to play a specific note on a specific logic track. However I'd like to still be able to use the AKAI keys to control all 'R'ecord enabled tracks.


Is this possible?




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yes, you need to use the environment window. It's fairly simple, but i don't have an Akai, so i need you to tell me what MIDI the relevant pad is outputting.


To find that, save your work then open the environment window. Go to clicks and ports (drop down menu on top left of the window) and create a monitor (new/monitor). Take a cable out of the 'SUM' port and drag it to the monitor. Then press the pad on the akai. The monitor will display some info - a symbol followed by 3 chunks of info. Probably it will also send a message when you release the pad, take a note of both.


Post back with that info and me (or someone) will tell you how to set up a transformer to change that info into note data, and how to patch that into the relevant instrument while also using the same pad to control record enabling

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OK, the monitor says 2 G1 34 on press

And 2 G1 127 on release..


What now?


OK, i find that pretty strange, because what that information is telling you is


Press~~~~> | Note info | On channel 2 | The note is G1 | The velocity of the note is 34


Normally when you release you would expect the velocity to be 0, which means note off.


But anyway, let's just go ahead with that info and if it causes a problem we'll do some problem solving :-)


I'm going to make an environment for you and i'll post back when that's done

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Ok, in clicks and ports make a transformer, and set it up like this




Then route as follows:


SUM > Monitor > Sequencer input


Then take a second cable out of the monitor > Transformer


Then open a second environment window select the layer 'mixer', locate the channel you want to play the sound and drag a cable from the transformer (enviro window 1) into that channel (enviro window 2)


That should then play G1 on that instrument while you hold the pad. If you want it to play a different note, post back

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