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Introduction and my compliments on such a great forum!


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Hi all,

I'm definitely catching up on a lot of this material so I figured I say hello since it may be a while before a real post. I'm on the east coast but searching the web I kept getting the highest quality information on Logic in this forum, so I you've done a great job David and and everyone else whose names elude me at present. It's been 5-6 since I've been serious about music, ao a period of total imersion mode with the Peach Pit books and some of Macprovideos in my again crampled studio seemed in order.


I had been a Sonar user, but really had to go for an Intel Macbook pro when I could afford one I could max out. And I'm pretty thrilled with it's performance and with Logic as well. I'm 82 Berklee graduate and played did played a bunch and spent some serious time with Charlie Banacos. (I hope adding this link is ok. I figured I'd offer something. He's really that good and it might take anyone 2 years to get a corrospondnce course) Although I've been a software engineer since the mid 80's, don't be too impressed. I find the level of technolal knowledge here quite high and I always thought developing software was easier than using it. I still enjoy playing my guitars and bass but I'm a better writer. Now, what to to write is an interesting question, given all the new options. I was considering a new and improved Weather Report style, but then decided on something a bit more viable. I'll still like a blend of the old and the new, so I think I'll ease into becoming more of an electronic musician, since the technology of has improved so dramatically. So, thanks again for the great forum and any tips are welcome. Regards,


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