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"System overload - Logic too slow" message


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Ok, I just got this message while listening to a a single audio track I recorded! The track stopped played and the message came up. This happens on anything I work on, but this is the first time it's happened when the song only has one track. I've run Disk Utility and Onyx on my hard drive and everything checks out. I threw out my preferences last week. I must be doing something wrong. As I mentioned in another post, my external LaCie drive runs very hot and I'm thinking of replacing it. i store my Logic projects on that drive, instead of on my system drive - audio, MIDI, samples - the whole project. Is that a good way to manage my media, or could that be causing this problem? When I'm dealing with a bunch of tracks with effects I usually freeze tracks and it helps, but why would this happen with one audio track?



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