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Any modulation-able delay plugin?

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The RP-delay is very good, but must admit I mainly use logics built in one, since it is a litte bit faster and easier to set up in my opinion. The RP delivers a bit better results for sure, but in my opinion modulation on delay is such a small detail in a track that very few people will notice or pay attention to it = I will use the easiest and fastest option available, rather then the best one.


As for the fabfilter, hm, I know a lot of people praise their stuff, and they sound quite good, but I am unfortunately still not a fan. There is just something about all of their user interfaces that I can not stand, it is always a bit of a hassle to use them regarding responses, drawing curves etc etc. But with that said, many people love them, and as with all plug in and fx, some will love some product, and other will hate it. It is just a matter of what works for you, and how you think when producing.


I am also considering getting this one for delay modulation



I have not tested it, but the same developers reverb Valhallaroom is in my opinion a very fine reverb for that price, so I am pretty sure this module is good as well. Also his products are super easy to use and set up.

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