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Midi Timeout on Logic Pro 9.1.7/OSX 10.7.5 [SOLVED]


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Hello all,


I have Logic Pro 9.1.7 on the most recent Mac Mini running OSX 10.7.5 . Each time I attempt to open Logic, it has a LONG delay on the Checking Midi Drivers point. Then Finally when Logic does open I get an error message that says:


MIDI timeout

" Logic Pro has detected a MIDI timeout. Please restart your computer, then restart Logic Pro. If the problem persists, update the drivers of all connected MIDI devices (including audio drivers with MIDI functionality) to the latest version. For instructions on removing older drivers, consult the manufacturer' documentation."


Error MIDI driver?

Please restart computer.



Mac OS X MIDI Services are not available.


SO I restart the computer and try to reopen Logic and get the same error, and Logic doesn't respond. I just switched over from PC to my first MAC ever and I'm new at this. Can anyone help please...??

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Hello and welcome to Logic Pro Help! Could you please take a minute to read our forum guidelines and add your Logic version and system info to your signature?


Forum rules - please READ THIS before posting


About your problem...can you tell us what you have in your system's /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/ folder?



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