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Issues Downloading + Installing Additional Content [SOLVED]


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Hello All,


I apologize if this has been answered, I did do a search for it but nothing seemed to match what I need. Lets back up a step, I previously had a fully installed Logic Pro 9 including all additional content, no missing instruments, or kits, or samples (at least none that I found). Now, my hard driver crashed, no backup, but hey, whatever. Went and got a new hard drive, got OS X all set up and downloaded Logic again. Now, when I download the additional content it all appears to install, but when you open up the media browser, damn near everything is greyed out. So, I nuked the HD again, reinstalled Logic, but have not even downloaded the required content. I saw a post on the apple support forums that logic downloads the content to a temporary folder and then when the installer runs, it then deletes it. This guys solution was to download, and then when it asks for your password to make changes find the temp folder with the install package copy it to another disk or desktop, that way if you install it and it's borked, like it seems to be for so many, you can just run the installer again without having to download all the stuff again. Now, my question is, where does it download these installer packages to? Or, am I just crazy? Thanks in advance for any help...

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Okay, well after a long time searching, I found where the installer files were being downloaded to and stored temporarily. Not sure if it would be the same on another computer, but here is the file path on mine if someone else is having the same issue.



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I am having great issues downloading all the content, but found i can actually download them with a tool that resumes sensibly and can handle the woeful ADSL connections that i currently have.


not sure that this is the full list.. but i am working on...

















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