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Recording midi can’t bounce region and create audio file???


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Ok Midi data plus audio are running and recording through Logic fine but when I go to bounce region the file logic produces for me has no audio content.

I am recording through my Korg R3 via my Audio interface and as far as I know I don’t think it’s hardware issue.


Macbook pro 2ghz i7 4gb ram


Logic pro 9.1.1

Presonus AudioBox USB

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Thanks for your reply Jordito

Ok I have tried real time bouncing but I am still having technical issues, I have sent the midi track that I have recorded via my Korg to a Bus and set up a audio track to receive audio from that bus and the audio track is receiving audio from that bus just fine, its just when I record arm the audio track audio drops out…

So close yet so far….

So frustrating…

Can anybody please help…?

Kind regards Ryan…

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