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Flex time,bouncing to new audio, phase issues


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I have a multitrack drum recording. 8 tracks. Using flex i have quantized the audio. All is sounding dandy so far.


Then I glue the region to a new region to the right of my flexed audio to consolidate each track, All the flex edits are committed. Great. no problemo. Except when i play back i can hear the phase of the tracks is now screwed. Audio sounds completely different. It is still quantized and maintains the flex edits but the hihat and cymbals especially sound really phasey. Any ideas?






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I had same phase issues on some instances of multitrack drum editing. Dont know why but sometimes artifacts occur during bounce.

Bounce region in place command is usefull only for separate tracks and if you use the group clutch to bounce separate tracks sometimes they dont stay phase coherent.


Aslo note that sometimes the slicing mode doesnt work nicely, I usually have more success with polyphonic mode with complex ticked.


Here is what I usually do when bouncing down multitrack drums (I didnt came across any phasing issues when using this 2 methods):


1. option: Pack a folder with the whole flexed drum group and use the bounce replace all track and when done unpack the folder. Just make sure you use the bounce replace command inside the folder.

If it doesnt work resize the folder region to 1 0 0 0


If you want a backup of flexed files duplicate the folder (the track will duplicate and then just copy the content from the original folder track) before you use the bounce replace all tracks command with cmd+d and mute and hide it for further use.


2.option: the old way- create the same amount of audio tracks, route the flexed tracks to them via buses ascending and record in real time.


hope this helps i any way


regards j

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