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Apogee Mic & Jam or Apogee One

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Received the David Nahmani "Loigc Pro 9" book yesterday and I have successfully gotten up to page 44..next step will be mixing the "My New Day" selection. This book is exactly what I needed! Step by Step instructions with a "first" exercise that slowly goes through what this software is capable of. It really boosts your confidence in what you can accomplish! Thanks David! So my next question deals with the "Apogee" products, mainly "Mic", "Jam" and "One". I play acoustic/electric Uke and vocals. What would be the best setup ...would the "Mic" be sufficient to capture both or would a Jam for the Uke be good for a clean sound and the Mic for vocals....or would the ONE take care of everything since it had an output for a Uke/guitar and a condenser microphone included? Lots of questions...look forward to some honest recommendations.




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