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Arranging channel strips + busses


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Hi folks!


New guy here, longtime Reaper user and just picked up Logic this morning, along with David's book. My apologies if this is a pretty obvious question. (DAW changes are always a tad painful...)


I'm getting acquainted with Logic this evening and going through my usual workflow, and I have one oddball behavior that I don't quite get. Here's my mix panel (well, part of it):





I have a Superior Drummer instance (labeled Kick) running, and I'm adding the aux channel strips to it by clicking the plus symbol above the name. For some reason, the last one that I add (Verb) is positioning itself to the right of my rhythm guitar buss strip (RG Buss) and for the life of me I can't sort out to how to move it in line with the rest of my drum strips. In Reaper, it was a simple click/drag, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I'm sure there's some reason that it's appearing there, and would love to know what it is.



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What I do:

Go to Window > Environment.

If the Environment is not on the Mixer layer, choose it at the upper left.

Find the channel strips you want and move them next to each other.

Save that as a Screenset.


You can also:

Create Arrange tracks for the Auxes.

Arrange them how you want them.

Open the Mixer tab and select Arrange at the top middle of the Mixer window.

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It looks to me like you have created the 'Drummer' Aux channels using the large + at the left of the mixer (and then selected the inputs accordingly) rather than the small + at the bottom of the 'Drummer' channel strip?


When I use the small +, all the Aux channels are not separated by lines in the mixer, and they appear in the correct place. When I use the big +, they appear where your last one is, between other Aux channels.



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Thanks for the replies! :)


I believe I did use the small + to create the sends, and they didn't string together like yours did, CCT. However I just made a fresh track and did the following (in case this helps anyone else in future Googles):


- Create a new project

- Add a new Software Instrument track

- Click the IO button on the channel strip, add Superior as an AU from Software Instruments

- Pick "Multi out 16x Stereo" when it creates the track

- Go into the SD Mixer and set it to multichannel

- Click the + on the channel strip to create the Aux sends


And it worked like a charm.




Thanks very much! :)

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I make whatever tracks I need in the mixer window, then "add to arrange window" (right click channel strip) and when the aux or whatever is in the arrange window, it is simple click and drag to rearrange. This rearrangement shows up in the mixer window. Not the easiest, but quick enough for me... hth,



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Not being able to rearrange channel strips in the mixer by dragging is a very common annoyance for many Logic users. Hopefully they will change this in Logic X whenever it is released. Until then, if you have this problem again there is a workaround. Simply create an arrange track for that channel strip in the Arrange window. Just select the channel strip in the mixer and hit Control-T. It's kind of ugly and it creates blank tracks in the Arrange window, but it will get your mixer in order.
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I just found kind of a workaround for the workaround ...


  1. Make arrange tracks for all the auxes as suggested above (ctrl-T).
  2. Use the pencil tool to draw in a little region on all those tracks.
  3. Highlight them all and pack them into a folder.
  4. Delete all the empty tracks which result.
  5. In the mixer window, make sure the Link is set to "content" (purple chain icon, top left) and to view "Arrange".
  6. Double-click into the folder.
  7. Set the Link in the mixer window to "no link"
  8. Rearrange tracks as desired.

When you leave the folder, the mixer window should stay as it is, with all your auxes in the right order.


This is a bit of a pain in the butt as now the mixer window doesn't update anymore, but if you have enough screen real-estate and like to have two mixer windows - one for channels and one for auxes and outputs - like me, it works pretty well! You can enter that folder at any time and reorganize at will.


EDIT: On further playing around with this method it seems that you can re-order everything except auxes created with the "+" button by multi-output plugins such as Superior Drummer. You can drag them around in the Arrange, but it has no effect on the Mixer. Ho hum. So this probably isn't much use to OP at all! Sorry.

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Indeed. Another thing for Apple to sort out in the next version I suppose.


I guess if someone didn't have the screen space for two mixers they would be using screensets anyway - so they could have one screenset with the static aux mixer and one with the "normal", dynamic mixer...

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