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Logic only lets in -13db as a Recording Input

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So maybe I am just stupid and missing something simple, but when I go to record a new track (without any plug-ins or anything on it), there seems to be a -13db limit as if there was an invisible limiter placed on it. I have a Mac Pro, Logic Pro 9, a Bluetube preamp and a M-audio Fast track interface.


I messed around with the input levels on the interface and preamp but all it does is cause for more harsh clipping once it reaches exactly -13db. So knowing that my guess is it has to be something within the program. I didn't think this was normal considering all the videos I have watched online of people adding a track and playing an instrument through it never seemed to have a max limit. It would be nice to have a little extra play room without worrying about clipping at a low db level so I would highly appreciate the help. I'm hoping I am just dumb and am missing something!


Note: It only does this for external instruments, not with my MIDI instruments which I find odd.





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Okay that makes sense thank you very much.


But now my problem is that when I plug my 1/4" cable in, there's no signal at all. I've messed around with the switch on the back from "line" to "guitar" but still nothing. Any suggestions there for the time being before I invest in a better interface?

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