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upgrading from 8 to logic pro 9_strange behaviour


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A few months ago I purchased Logic Pro 9.1.7 from App Store and installed directly to my MacBook Pro.

Today I wanted to transfer Logic in to my Mac Pro via App Store too. Before that I had to upgrade to 10.6.8 in order to get access to the App Store from the Mac Pro. My Mac Pro had already installed Logic Pro 8. And this is where the problem starts I guess.


I clicked install Logic in the App Store and it seemed that the installation went fine.

After (also restarting) I noticed that:

1. the Logic icon on the dock was still saying "Logic Pro 8".

2. When I "get info" from the application, it does state that it is version 9.1.7

3. when I click on the dock icon it actually launches Logic Pro 9 and the application inside is also version 9.1.7

4. when I click to open any of the ready-made templates (explore-compose-produce-etc...), the template opens but in seconds later the screen does something like a rapid light change and the application quits. The only template that works is the empty one.

5. when I try to open a project from file menu (or even via keyb. shortcut) the application quits.

6. I cannot quit the application either via menu or via keyboard shortcut.

These are the issues I have noticed so far.

Although It looks like I can launch the app if I double click on a previous project in the finder made in version 8.


I would really appreciate any insight into this issue.

Thanx in advance



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Hello Eric

Thanx for the reply


I found a few crash logs resulting from the frustrating tests I was having yesterday.

I compressed the folder with the crash logs because I could not upload them individually. The files were greyed out for some reason.

Anyway I hope that helps.


Also, do you think that the crash log would give any information on why the dock icon is still showing logic pro 8?

And finally, would you suggest to wipe out all logic files and try installing again from the App store?


Thanks again

logic crash logs.zip

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hello again


I have done this already. I deleted the dock icon in order to replace it with the new one fro the applications folder but even the icon in the apps flder is still "logic pro 8"

Have a look at the attachment


Thank you for your time

Much appreciated


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I changed the name to "Logic Pro" in the applications folder.

Although, as expected, the App Store wont let me download it again because it can see that I have already downloaded and installed it. Therefore the "install" button in the app store window is greyed out.

See attachment.


I guess one sollution would be to totally wipe out logic and then try the App Store install ? I'm only guessing.


Thank you


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so what you suggest is to zip the application first for safety and then erase/uninstall from drive?

If yes, then what would be the best way to completely erase/uninstall logic? I'm asking cause I've seen several ways and opinions in the forums.


Thank you once again

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I just re-installed Logic Pro 9 from the App Store.

1.When I tried to open one of the templates, the program quits as it used to do before.

2.Still, the "quit command" (menu or keyboard shortcut) doesn't work. I can only quit the application with force quit.


This time I'm also posting the Log file which strangely enough includes a message about a missing bundle identifier for office2008. The rest are relevant to Logic's actions. I hope this helps you to get an insight into it.

It's getting really pazzling.Sorry for bothering again and again.

Than you very much

crash log.doc

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